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Try the quick bedroom make over - 4 awesome looks SO easy to make

We wanted to demonstrate you what effect your bedlinen can have when it comes to your bedroom decor and atmosphere. You don´t actually need to change that many elements in your bedroom to make a complete visual change. 
The main element in bedroom is naturally the bed. Typically we would start to decor or re-decor the bedroom by buying a new bedspread or bed cover. Many of us buy once in a three four years a new bed cover and that is the element which defines the color scheme of your bedroom.

Well here comes the good news!
Well-designed quality bedlinen do not need a bed cover to be covered underneath. Quality bedlinen act as beautiful decor elements themselves, and the truth it is better for your bedding to get some fresh air instead of being packed under the bed cover daily. You can actually make up your bedroom much more often with bedlinen by putting the bed cover into the closet. 

We decided to set up four different bedroom decors with our lovely harmonic colours snow, sand, pearl…

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