What´s trendy in interior decoration in New York?

Top 4 trends and vibes we sensed during our days in New York.

Last week we arrived back home to Finland from our road trip across the US East coast and Chicago area. What a great journey we had meeting potential business partners!

Luckily we were able to combine some pleasure besides business to our stay, and enjoyed a couple of nice sunny days just wondering around the beautiful New York streets, visiting the most inspirational decor shops in there. Here are the top 4 trends we spotted.

1. Scandinavian color palette

It definitely seems that Scandinavian harmonious color palette has landed in to the New Yorker´s decor trend. There seems to be a growing trend for harmonious colors (white, grey, beige, brown, rose) and you can easily see this from the shop shelves or just by window shopping.

2. Different textures in home textiles

One of the lovely trend seems to be that it is not only the patterns in textiles which makes the difference, but also different textures. It is not about the look only, it is also about the texture and shapes. When shopping, you really need to touch and feel the decor items (rugs, cushion covers, seat covers, even furnitures) since there are such a lovely textures in them.

3. Metallic shine

We think this one seems to be not just this seasons trend, but actually a trend of the decade. Metallic shine is definitely here to stay and it feels like metallic shine is everywhere. Well, we love metallic shine! All these lovely cushion covers in a different shades of shine are simply gorgeous! You may have a harmonious decor but adding one or two shiny cushion covers will surely spark your decor in a modern and stylish way.

4. Faux (fake) furs

This trend is definitely growing now big time! The softer they are, the better the quality is. Large throws on top of your bed seems to be the hottest thing. Luckily these days the quality furs can be washable, so even though the price may be relatively high, you can consider it as long lasting and even use it at homes with small children. The prices vary a lot between faux furs but so does the quality. You can say that the more expensive the faux fur is, the softer and smoother it is to touch.

Which trend is your favorite? Hard to pick just one though...

So next we are heading to Japan. Lets see what is trendy in there!

Enjoy the week everyone <3