The extraordinary Finnish Housing Fair is here again - A Sneak Peek to what´s coming up

Image by Antero Tenhunen, Asuntomessut 

Get inspired with us and the families and professionals behind the latest housing and decor trends

We are proud to be part of the annual Housing Fair again. In the summer of 2018 the fair takes place in Western Finland, in a lively city called Pori, well-known of its International Jazz Festival. 

Every Summer the Housing Fair showcases the prevailing and upcoming trends in housing – architecture, construction, materials, interior design, furnishing, landscaping. All the houses in the exhibition area are built and decorated by Finnish families who will move in after the fair ends. But before that they open their doors for the big audience to get inspired by the latest trends for one month.

This year we find it awesome that it is a lot about the small details. Of course, all the elements such as walls, floors, kitchens, furnishing, lightning of the fair houses are carefully thought, unique and beautiful, but it is so nice to see that small details of living and lifestyle are a trending element this year!  

Our products have decorated the fair houses already for three summers before this (..pretty much as long as we have existed), but this year we kind of feel a difference in the ideas to present the products. It is not anymore just a nice pile of towels, it is more about the life around the productsit is more about the good feeling.
The interior designs really reflects the lifestyle of the people living in the houses 😍

So here is a sneak peek to 5 gorgeous new homes and lifestyles!

Solidhouse Kodit, house numbers 27 A and B

This is a pair house for two households. The other half of the house is a bit larger and designed for a small family with dogs. Style is modern, understated and distinct. The other half of this pair house is designed for couple with a busy lifestyle. It is more bohemic, Scandinacian ethnic style. 

We have been happy to provide a large set of our modern and harmonic Snadinavian style bedding, bathing and décor elements for both families. 

You may follow them: @solidhouselkv 
Interior design by: @sisustusindeco

Villa Hohde, house number 32

This beautiful house is made for the growing family and two small little dogs. Significant elements of this house are lightning, mood, practicality and beautiness. We have been proud to be part of this project with our bathing, bedding, fragrance, beauty and décor elements. 

Instagram: @villahohde

Casa Kivi, house number 20

Kivi means stone. Casa Kivi is a modern stone house with lots of layers and modern details. Many of them made of stone. We were happy to provide our bathing and home fragrance products to their steam sauna. 

Follow Casa Kivi at Instagram @casakivi for more images of the house and its building process. 

Talo Haltiatar, house number 26

This house is build based on ecological living and sense aesthetic lifestyle. Sense aesthetic living is about being able to fully relax at home; meaning the balance between different stimulants have been carefully considered. Focus is strongly on functionality and harmonic living considering every family member. Therefore our products were a match with the kind of decorative elements they were looking for to this house and family. 

Explore more about Haltiatar:
Instagram: @talohaltiatar

If and when you visit Housing Fair, you should definitely take a closer look at these!


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