From Luin Spa to Luin Living

F I N A L L Y. 

Today is the day when we can proudly introduce Luin Living to you. Our lovely Scandinavian style living and lifestyle brand with an ambition to make every day at home an indulgence. 

Luin Spa was our perfect baby

Briefly going a few steps backwards, when you have got to know us as Luin Spa. The brand with a mission to make every home a spa.

Here is how it started some years back. In the summer of 2013 we saw an interesting online offer about a turban that was specially designed for hair. The idea of a hair towel seemed very handy as we knew from our own experience how frustrating it is to wrap your hair in a normal towel after a nice shower or bath. Considering how brilliant the idea was, we wondered why the hair towel was not already discovered by every woman? We began to dream of a stylish, indulgently soft hair towel, which would dry even the thickest hair. The ambition to design the world’s best hair towel was born. Luin Spa was born.

Moving further. Besides the hair towel and other more traditional towel products, we came up with an idea to create a whole category of revolutionary bathing wear products for the whole family. We designed Spa Dress, Poncho Towels, Baby/Cape Towels and many more products to make your bathing experience perfect. With our harmonic brand image, signature towel material and simple yet clever ideas to solve everyday bathing problems, we soon realized that we really were on a right track. The best thing was that the feedback from customers was awesome.

Moving on to Luin Living

During these past three years (pretty much exactly three years ago we launched Luin Spa, the 1st of May in 2015), we have aimed at building trust and image of a high-quality brand with the pampering home spa ideology. Although, right from the early phases of Luin Spa, we dreamt of a global lifestyle brand for all the home, not just a brand of home décor, but a brand of living. 

Last six months we have been all about letting go of Luin Spa and creating Luin Living. We have to admit that giving up Luin Spa was very very very difficult to us. For a long time we were thinking that Luin Spa will be a subcategory for Luin Living but unfortunately after spending days and weeks with brand planning, we ended up with a hard decision to completely let go of Luin Spa.

However, for the love and honour of our beginning, we named our Bathing Collection a Your Home - Your Spa collection. We hope you like it?

So what is Luin Living?

To us Luin Living is all about everyday indulgence at home. It is all about being able to feel good at the privacy of your own home.

People of all ages love and enjoy the pampering moments and beautiful things around.

It may the perfectly smooth and crispy bedlinen giving you the most perfect sleep, it may be a soft rug under your toes when you wake up at the morning, it may be a cuddle of the cutest towel wrapped around your baby´s sensitive skin, it may be a hair towel and a spa dress offering you to enjoy a moment by yourself after a hard day, it may be the candle light with a cosy scent making the moment simply perfect…

So to us that is Luin Living. It is a lifestyle of everyday indulgence.

We cant wait to hear how you guys feel about Luin Living. What are your thoughts about it and how does it make you feel? You see, the fact is that we can only succeed in our mission if these words of ours are the ones you feel too when you think about Luin Living..  

And what happens next?

A lot happens next. This week we are happy to launch our first Bedlinen Collection - The Sanctuary. Please take a look at the new arrivals at our website and let us know what you think! We are so excited about them that we will most probably write you some more and give you all the details in the blog next week. Later this Spring/Summer we will launch also a lovely decorative rug and cushion cover collection Oasis. 

Thank you for reading this blog. All the comments are more than welcome! At the end of the day it is you who make Luin Living what it is today and what it will be tomorrow <3

With love,
Team Luin Living


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