Wanna fall in love with the world of bedlinen? Well, you should read this 😊

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The Sanctuary of Sleep for all - this is how we started

If you need to name one place at your home you should be able to call your sanctuary, what would it be? We feel it is the bedroom. That is where you take your time of piece and quietness, and ultimately feel relaxed after a good night sleep. Recreating yourself every night.

A good night sleep is important for all of us. Many things affect the quality of your sleep and material of your bedlinen is surely the foundation for the sweat dreams. Our mission is to make everyday an indulgence at home, so it was really about a time to serve the Sanctuary of Sleep for the whole family!

..And yes, not just adults but the children as well! Have you ever thought that the small children can spend more than a half of their day asleep? That is a lot of hours every week. Yet as strange as it is, the focus in childrens' bedding products is many times on the pink flowers and blue cars instead of the quality of the material.

So what is the best of the qualities (★★★★★)

That is up to you, of course. The goodness or badness of a textile is always a matter of personal taste and preferences. We designed the Sanctuary collection for you who love the soft yet crispy touch the five-star hotels typically offer.

There are basically three factors that all together define the quality of bedding. First of all, the quality of the raw material, in our case the cotton, is extremely important. Secondly, you want to know about the quality and techniques of weaving. Thirdly, you should check the Thread Count.

Don't worry if you find the first question difficult when shopping bedlinen, so do we! It is not 100% clear that some cotton variety is always the best, and for that reason we do not mention the type of the cotton in our products. To us, it is self-evident that we always choose the best, that is the finest, longest-staple, available cotton. Many people think Egyptian cotton is the best, but the truth is, what nowadays many call Egyptian cotton, can be a plant that one day grew in the beautiful Nile River Valley, but has been taken to another place of the world where the weather conditions can be somewhat different than that of the originals in Egypt.

The weaving is more simple. We have fallen in love with the Percale technique, known for its softness and durability. Percale sheets are weaved in a tighter manner than normal cotton sheets, resulting in smooth and firm, yet pleasurable breathable touch. It is a little crispy leaving a little space between you and the sheet.

The Thread Count (TC) tells you how tight the yarn has been woven. It expresses how many yearns have been used in a square inch. The more yarn used, the thinner the yarn is and the tighter the weave = the better the feel and durability. In Percale Sheets, 200 is where the standard changes into good, and 300 is high-class, the Sanctuary. These are the pure facts of how quality cotton and percale weaving acts together. 

Passion, Commitment and ❤ from Italy

There are plenty of countries in the world to produce bedlinen. Aiming for the Sanctuary of Sleep, we seeked for the best. During these past few years we have had rendezvous with tens of home textile producers from all around the world, and it was one country that got our respect as the most passionate country in the world when it comes to luxury cotton beddings. Italy.

It is with pride and joy that we can announce our producer for Sanctuary line is a centuries old family business with extreme passion for the industry. All phases of the production from choosing the yarn, to finishing the sewings, are made in their hands of expertise. We would like to share with you some words from the Grand Old Man of the family:

”Our fabrics have for sure the best finishing in the world. Before we even consider to use the cotton fiber, the fiber needs to pass all following parameters, to be able to get access to our fabrics: Strength, hairiness, consistency, twisting, contamination degree, length of the fiber and purity.

It's hard for us to let people understand that our products are not just chosen by chance or by Thread count, but they are projected selecting the best fibers and the best way to weave and finish to provide a superior comfort and a superior quality perception to the people who will use them.

Trust me, no one will ever remember you just for price, but they will remember and remind you for the comfort and quality of the product.”

Have you already chosen your favourite Luin Living colour? 

Perhaps you already own some of our bathing or other home spa products. Actually, the inspiration for the bedding collection came from you, how else? Finally, after three years with concentration for bathing and home spa, we are honoured to introduce the first bedding line of ours, in the exactly same colour world as the toweling. With the elegant and modern metallic shine details. Just like you wished for. Choose from Snow, Sand, Pearl Grey and Granite; and if you think it needs to be Black, just wait πŸ˜‰. 

🠟 Try the Snow. Hotel experience guaranteed!

So this is Sanctuary. We hope you will love it as much as we do!

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